The Lowdown Society Podcast

Episode 23: NALLE PÅHLSSON - Swedish Session/Touring Ace

March 23, 2021

Björn "Nalle" Påhlsson has been a major player in the Swedish music scene for many years with hundreds of album credits to his name. His distinct, pick-style playing leaves a very identifiable thumb print and a lot of attitude on every project he is a part of. This episode features a lot of Swedish music along with the details of Nalle's 1986 Yamaha BB1600 bass that has been on pretty much every project he has worked on for the past 35 years. We talk about the mental challenges of touring and about remaining true to his voice and style no matter how much genres and environments change around him. When I started this podcast, the idea was to hopefully pick the brains of some of the players who have influenced me in the most profound way, and in this episode, recorded in Stockholm, I was lucky enough to do just that.

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