The Lowdown Society Podcast

Episode 21: ADAM NITTI - Bass Solo Artist/Wizard (Kenny Loggins, Steven Curtis Chapman etc.)

October 25, 2020

Adam Nitti is a guy who can often be found mentioned in same breath as some of the greatest solo bass artists of our time. His compositional and playing styles are both highly developed and highly unique. Adam is also known as a great educator who teaches at one of the most acclaimed music universities in the U.S, Belmont university in Nashville, TN. In this episode we get to hear about the development and evolution of his successful signature bass with Ibanez as well as his proven approaches to practicing. Adam also shares about the bass rigs of his early touring days and how the making of his solo albums has changed from having Fusion overtones into his latest Rock-leaning project. We only scratch the surface of this guy's wealth of knowledge in this episode, but get your notebooks out, class is most definitely in session.

“Adam Nitti is one of the amazing players who is at the forefront of the bass movement. I always look forward to hearing his CDs just to see what he will do next.”

-Victor Wooten

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