The Lowdown Society Podcast

Episode 14: WHYNOT JANSVELD - Natasha Bedingfield, Richard Marx, Gavin DeGraw, L.A Sessions.

October 4, 2019

Whynot Jansveld is a great bass player who might have flown slightly under the radar as far as the world of bass goes, but as far as taste, restraint and deep pocket goes Whynot is nothing short of world class. He is currently doing touring work simultaneously for soulful British pop songstress Natasha Bedingfield, Pop legend Richard Marx and Los Angeles based producer-songwriter-to-the-stars Butch Walker. Whynot is also busy in the L.A session scene as a bass player, composer and mastering engineer. In this episode we get to hear about Whynot starting his musical journey back in his native Holland listening to Level 42 and Kiss, his move to the United States as well as his exciting professional beginnings as the house bass player at the Bitter End in New York City. He also tells us about first major artist tour with the at the time breaking Gavin DeGraw. A fellow musician at a recording session recently told Whynot after listening back to a particularly "stanky" bass performance, "I hear a lot of toxic masculinity in your playing". This event deserves an honorable mention in the podcast description. You have to listen now, right? Enjoy!

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